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    George Rentz is an accomplished water-colorist and oil painter. He paints what he sees - whether it is an abandoned mountain farmhouse or a group of Aspens holding sentinel in the mountains - he brings life to each painting. Please feel free to Browse and enjoy George's galleries.

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    The Studio



    For the longest time everyone in my family always referred to the outbuilding on the back of our property as "the barn." It was actually the headquarters of a "chicken ranch" which probably was active till the late 1950's. About three years ago, my wife, Cyn, and I decided we ought to turn the barn into a place where I could paint.

    The barn was filled with cobwebs, dirt and an accumulation of old furniture, garden equipment, hoses and other things acquired and never discarded. Cyn asked Bob Dando, our neighbor and former shop teacher at Cherry Creek High School, if he would be willing to take a shot at restoring the barn and changing it into a real work space. Thankfully Bob agreed. And, within about 5 weeks, all the work was completed. Shortly thereafter, I moved all my art equipment into the barn and, the rest is history.

    My 93 year old father, who had always encouraged me to paint, was wheel chair ridden and his macular degeneration was so bad he could hardly see my paintings even when held near his face. One day when he was visiting, I asked him if he'd like to see the newly renovated barn. He responded in a terse voice, "You mean THE STUDIO." 

    From that point forward, we all speak of the building out back as the studio.

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    About the Artist

    george-250George Rentz is an accomplished water-colorist. Having painted since he was a young boy, he always knew he wanted to be an artist. A Denver native, Rentz grew up fascinated with western culture. When he was old enough to travel he also developed a keen interest in Native American and Mexican American cultures.

    As he traveled as a young man, and as an adult, Rentz constantly sketched and honed his talent. After college and graduate school, he began working for Time Warner but nevertheless continued to sketch and to paint.

    After marrying his lovely wife Cynthia, he continued to travel and began painting in earnest. He has a penchant for painting landscapes and portraits and has an exquisite eye for detail and the ability to keep his images pure. Many of Rentz’s works evoke the feeling of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters.

    Rentz paints what he sees - whether it is an abandoned mountain farmhouse or a group of Aspens holding sentinel in the mountains - he brings life to each painting. In a world that is constantly changing, he has developed a remarkable talent that allows us to experience life in a still moment - forever lasting and never changing.

    His warm style has always been acknowledged by his friends and colleagues, but over the past few years his colors, his use of light and movement, and his balance and brushstrokes have made his works extremely sought after.

    Now that his studio is completed, Rentz is able to study and evolve as a painter. Although many of his works are in private collections, he is occasionally available for commissions and has a continuing supply of original paintings for sale.


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    The Sketchbook


    The sketchbook section of this site is designed to provide information about current activities I'm involved with, including art shows, exhibitions and special events. If you have any questions regarding any of the events, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    The latest news is an event I'll participate in at the Broadmoor Hotel next month.